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Orange Boot Is Three! Yippee! Come Celebrate!

Hand painted sign saying Happy 3rd Birthday

Photo Credit:  Transition Heathrow

On Saturday, January 18, Orange Boot Bakery will be exactly three years old.

Three years of great bread and yummy sweets;

Thirty six months working with talented, cheerful and energetic bakers and front staff;

One hundred and fifty six weeks working with caring, professional, ethical farmers, millers and ingredient suppliers;

Seven hundred and eighty days helping charities and community groups across Regina;

And most importantly, seven thousand eight hundred hours spent making new friends and catching up with old friends every day at the bakery.

There are times I think we only wedged in around 32 hours of sleep in there somewhere, but I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.

If you were at the bakery this morning, or haven't been by in months, I hope you come by and help us celebrate our birthday this Saturday, January 18, 2014 from 9:30AM - 4PM.

We'll have special treats (sweet and savoury) for everyone who comes by. Ben is working on getting the music together (I'm hoping for a Mariachi band but it's unlikely.) We'll be launching our third "True Friends" contest as well. And of course, we'll have the cases full with our usual selection of bread, pastries, coffee and sweets to keep your belly, and your pantry, full.

One thing is clear: it doesn't matter how good our bread is if nobody is there to eat it, share it and enjoy it. There's no way Orange Boot would have made it three years without your support and encouragement, right from our very first day in 2011. So I really hope you can come by for a few minutes on Saturday, even just to say Hi. We'd all love to see you again.