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October Bread of the Month: Pear Buckwheat

Pear Buckwheat Loaf

After a year away, it’s time to bring back a huge favourite, the Pear Buckwheat Loaf as our Bread of the Month for October.

We love everything about this loaf.  First, we get to use hard to find local,  organic Buckwheat Flour from Daybreak Mill in Estevan.  Then we take dried pears (shipped in from Winnipeg), chop them up and soak them in white wine (from BC, via the Liquor Board store.)   Then we mix up a slow rising bread dough, let it sit for a good long time, shape them and bake them.

We do everything we can to remind everyone that it’s a special loaf, worthy of a place on your table.  We shape it like a pear, then stencil a pear on it as another reminder.   The result is a gorgeous loaf that is fit for the center of your Thanksgiving table and tastes just as good.

The Pear Buckwheat Loaf is available every day in October and then it’s gone for another year.  It’s also our special Thanksgiving loaf – we’ll be making lots of them this weekend for your Thanksgiving feast.

One Note: In order to fit these loaves in the oven each morning, we are putting the 24 hour sourdough on hiatus for a while. We won’t be making any of them this week, and will move the 24 hour sourdough to a once-per-week loaf beginning October 15.  We still haven’t picked the date so let us know if you have a preference.