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Order Your Thanksgiving Baking Today

I love Thanksgiving.   Fall weather, family, great food and a full day off to relax.  Ahh, I love it so.   But the week leading up is a pretty darn hectic.

In our yearly baking calendar, Thanksgiving Weekend is #3 in terms of busy-ness, especially on Friday and Saturday.  We expect a lot of folks to be coming to the shop all week long, so we plan to bake more than our usual amounts, especially extra Pear Buckwheat Loaves, Soft White Pull Apart Buns and breakfast pastries.  But, as usual, we have no idea when you're coming until you walk through the door and that makes it too late to make more if we run out.  Two days too late, to be exact.

But there is another way!  Simply pre-order your Thanksgiving baking and we'll have it all ready for you when you arrive.  Want a Pear Buckwheat Loaf for your centrepiece? No problem. Want enough Chocolate Croissants for Saturday brunch?  We can help with that.  Just call us at (306) 584-2668 two days or more in advance and we'll hand select the prettiest, yummiest bread just for you.

If you're like me and have a bit of a phone phobia, you can also use this handy dandy online form.

Three notes:

a) You help us out the most if you give us two days notice.  That is, call by Wednesday at 11AM for Friday pickup, or Thursday at 11AM for Saturday.  That's because we're already soaking pears, scaling dough, etc. etc. by then.

b) You can pre-order anything we make on the day, not just the pull aparts and pear loaves.  Les always gets a Volker's Rye on Tuesday and a Kalamata Olive Sourdough on Saturday and we love him whole bunches.  Lynn calls ahead for a 12 Grain and a Walnut Raisin Sourdough every Saturday and never, ever misses out.

c) We will be closed on Tuesday October 14, so we can all recover from the crazy baking and maybe eat some turkey.