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October Podcast Recap: What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been

boats in the harbour and trees in the background

Just another day on the island.


Oh dear.

I honestly didn’t know how much this move West would disrupt my workflow. But six weeks after my last post, I’m finally back in the full flow. The apartment is furnished, I found a grocery store and good internet and I’m back in business.

While the leaves turned and October passed, I wasn’t completely silent. I shipped four podcast episodes. I just forgot to tell you.

So just in case you haven’t subscribed to the show on your app, I’ve got you covered. There’s enough podcast loveliness to keep you going all day Halloween and possibly into November.

Rise Up! #73: The Fantasy BakeryCast #

Pod #73 is a chat with my partner and Sweet Baboo Cindy as she grills me on what makes up my ideal, fantasy bakery.

Wood fire or gas decks? Sandwiches or Pizza? I share my choices and you can too.

Rise Up! #74: The RealityCast #

If the FantasyCast was too fantastical for you, you’ll love the RealityCast, where Cindy and I talk about the highs and lows of running our own bakery. There were more highs, but yes, there were some lows too.

Rise Up! #75: Anne Mayhew, owner of LMNOP Bakery in Katonah, New York #

We’re back in the rhythm with Pod #75, where I talk with Anne Mayhew. Anne is the owner of the wonderfully titled LMNOP Bakery in New York state.

It’s a true cottage Microbakery where Anne has extended her handwork from a former career as a fibre artist to working with the top part of the wheat stalk. We talk about her career path, her upcoming decision of whether and how to expand and what it’s like baking and teaching in her home kitchen with three young children. A fun and interesting talk, to be sure.

Rise Up! #76: Amanda Bowers, owner of BakerBaker in Gainesville, Florida #

Pod #76 shipped this week, with a delightful chat with Amanda Bowers, owner of BakerBaker, a wholesale pastry bakery in Gainesville, Florida.

We talk about her early career in the Navy, falling in love with cafes in Italy and getting her business model right for her in Florida.

I really got inspired by how Amanda’s business model evolved over the years as she got clear on how she wanted to be in the bakery and how having a family run business was important to her. Lots to learn in this talk,

Looking back at all four episodes and taking them as a unit, I’m inspired by how three strong women keep making the good stuff as well as keeping an eye on what’s important to them. And in each case, it’s not all about the products. Family, interpersonal relationships and quality of life play key roles for Cindy, Amy and Amanda. It’s impacted their businesses for the better, even if, in Cindy’s case, that meant not running a bakery any more.

You can listen to all four episodes, along with 72 other beauties, on your favourite podcast app, from The Rise Up! website or using the handy listening widget below (here if you’re reading this via email.)