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Rise Up! #77: Laura Valli shifted from coffee to grain and from Estonia to the Bread Lab at WSU

I’ve wanted to learn more about the Bread Lab for some time now. So when Laura Valli emailed from the lab to welcome me to BC I jumped at the chance to get her on the show.

And was I ever glad I did!

You see, Laura is not only a PhD student growing rye at the Bread Lab. Oh no. She’s also studied anthropology and is looking at the connections between grain and humanity. Cool!

Not only that, but Laura grew up in Estonia. Super cool. Plus, before she got interested in grain, she was deep into coffee culture, even representing her country in Aeropress barista competitions. Oh yes!

We talk about all of this and more in this week’s podcast.

I’m starting to feel that Laura Valli is my new hero. I want to be more like her in all sorts of ways. Enjoy the show!

You can listen to the talk with Laura on your favourite podcast app, from the Rise Up! podcast website or using the handy audio app below (here if you’re reading this via email.)