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Orange Boot Named Regina's Best Bakery

best of food 2013 banner

The latest edition of Prairie Dog Magazine came out last week and our little bakery was named "Best Bakery" in their 2013 Best of Food reader poll.  For the third straight year, no less.

For us to win means that lots and lots of Bootniks took the time to vote.  You took the time to think of us and that means a lot.  Thank you so much!

The best thing about this is that we don't think we've even scratched the surface of what want to bake for you.  There's so much more we want to do.  So we're happy we are making the grade but will keep pushing ourselves.

The second best thing is we got mentioned beside some awesome restaurants and food places that we love too.  Feels great to be mentioned beside Italian Star Deli or Tangerine.

The third best thing is we got mentioned beside some new places we haven't been to yet.  Cindy has a list for the next time we want to go out.