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This Father's Day, Say It With Bacon!

Father's Day Bread Bag

This plain brown bag packs a mighty wallop!

Father's Day is a little extra special in our house because our son Ben was born on Father's Day 18 years ago. When Ben was little we would often have a barbeque in Candy Cane park for Father's Day, Ben's birthday, or both. They were a pile of fun. We'd load up the barbeque, eat like mad, then play catch, or toss frisbees, head to the playground or play soccer on the grass. What a great time.

Those barbeques were the inspiration behind our Father's Day Bread Bag. We filled it full of great bread that is perfect for the barbeque. We added some awesome sweets for dessert. And we added an extra special loaf, unique for Father's Day, to say "I Love You, Dad."

And we put this all in a simple but elegant brown paper bag, because, well, most dads don't go in for the frilly stuff, you know?

Each Orange Boot Father's Day Gift Basket is $40 and contains:

  • One Smoky Bacon Sourdough. An Orange Boot first. An amazing Sourdough loaf with roasted potatoes, fresh chives and smoky bacon. Wow!
  • The Ultimate Burger Bun Six Pack, two each of Onion Poppyseed Burger Buns, Orange Boot Cheese Buns and Multigrain Burger Buns;
  • The Country Style Slider Six Pack, six country style pull apart buns that are perfect for pulled pork sandwiches or smoked brisket;
  • The Shareable Cookie Box, a dozen classic chocolate chip cookies and six oatmeal raisin cookies, in a nice box for setting out on the picnic table.

You can order your baskets in person at the bakery, by calling us at (306) 584-2668 or by filling in the form below.

ORDER DATE: All orders must be received by 6PM on Wednesday, June 12, 2013

PICK UP DATE: Baskets are available for pickup on Saturday June 15 at 10AM.

I removed this order form due to spam.  Please use our main order form from now on!