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Orange Boot X Cuppa T: A Tea-Torial

an assortment of loose tea, presented on a wooden board

Our current tea lineup, L to R: Raspberry Sun, Tigerhill Darjeeling, Decaf Sencha Kyushu, Earl Grey, Assam Hasselbank

As many of you know, Jule at Cuppa T has some of the best tea in Regina. It's so good we've worked it into our fabulous hot drinks line up! We typically have 4 core teas with a rotating seasonal option, so come in often to see what's new!

Our selections:

Tigerhill Darjeeling - A robust black tea, our best all-rounder. The quintessential jack of all trades and master of none.

Blue Flower Earl Grey - A delicious blend of black tea, bergamot, mallow blossoms, and cornflower petals. Perfect in the mornings, or in a London Fog.

Assam Hasselbank - A cross between black and chai tea, it's an exciting alternative to traditional breakfast tea.

Decaf Sencha Kyushu - Japanese green tea. Save the leaves, they can be reused up to 5 times!

Fresh Raspberry Sun Tea - Our seasonal favourite, this is an herbal tea mixed with apple, hibiscus blossoms, orange wedges, raspberries, and lemongrass. It's shockingly pink, but perfect for a hot summer day!

We also cold brew iced teas over the summer, because hot weather and hot tea don't mix that well. They're typically only available until September, so don't wait too long!

Black Iced Tea - Our Tigerhill tea combined with a little bit of lemon juice and a simple lemon syrup (all made in house). It's Cindy's favourite!

Raspberry Iced Tea - The raspberry sun tea cold brewed overnight, which brings out the fruit flavours really well. It's unsweetened, which makes it even better!

If a tea latte is more your style, we have 2 amazing options to choose from. Available year-round, they're just waiting for you!

London Fog - Earl Grey tea, house made vanilla syrup, and steamed milk. A timeless classic, it's delicious year-round.

Chai Latte - Our own house made chai concentrate mixed with steamed milk. Perfect for a rainy day!

Have any suggestions? Pop in and let us know! Looking to expand your tea palate? Head down to Cuppa T at 2732 13th avenue!