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We're Closed Tuesday August 4 for a Baker's Long Weekend

Boy oh boy did I get in trouble when we did this for Canada Day.  Well, we're at it again.

Orange Boot will be closed on Tuesday, August 4th for a baker style August Long Weekend.  We'll be open again, as usual, on Wednesday August 5th (also my sister Wanda's birthday, but that's another post.)

We close this 'extra' day so that the bakers all get a three day weekend just like other working folk.  Our bakers either work Saturday, or would typically prepare for next week on Monday.  Cindy and I used to cover those shifts but it's getting harder and harder to do the double shift.

We promise to take advantage of the three days off!  Ben and Chris are camping in Cypress Hills, Jennifer is at the lake and Cindy and I might pop up to Saskatoon.  Or Vegas.  Probably Saskatoon.