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Summertime Fruit Frenzy!

Our chalkboard, advertising fruit specials

The chalkboard is Truth, but it's changing every day. That's the way it is during Fruit Season!

Cindy is a Fresh Fruit Fanatic.  Now that Summertime Fruit is in season, Cindy, Jennifer, Robyn and Scarlett are baking up a fruit-filled storm every day now.

Fresh Saskatoons and Rhubarb from the Farmer's Market. Fresh BC Cherries. Fresh Blueberries, Strawberries and Apples.  Yum!

We're putting summertime fruit in our danishes, muffins, turnovers and crisps. Starting Thursday we'll have fruit galettes too. Heck, we even put fruit in our cinammon buns!

Now, the specific fruit will be changing day to day depending on the fruit that's available. Cherries came yesterday. We'll be getting another flat of blueberries next week. Nectarines should be here in a few weeks. Then peaches, plums, pears and fresh apples right up to Thanksgiving (hopefully!)

So keep an eye on the chalkboard and if there's something you like, eat your fill.  It might not be in the display case tomorrow!