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Orange Boot's Final Farmer's Market Is This Saturday

It’s coming to the time of year that we need to say Farewell to the Regina Farmer’s Market for another season.  Our final market of the year is this Saturday, September 20.

What we found last year is that October is too wet and cold for selling bread outdoors (tough to keep any crust in those conditions, let alone a crispy crust.)  And even there is still one more Saturday after September 20, we’ll be short staffed that day as our Head of Bread, Teisha, will be on a well deserved vacation.

I don’t think we were able to really get into a groove with the Farmer’s Market this year, which is a shame.  We had two rain outs, one wind storm where our tent broke, and missed pretty much the entire month of August because we were either on vacation or too short staffed to run a decent market booth.  So it’s kind of over before it really got started for us.

When something becomes an ordeal rather than a joy, that’s a sign that things need to change.  And the Regina Farmer’s Market is supposed to be a joy –  we go there to be part of the vibrant local food scene and hang out with the cool people who set up shop and / or shop at the market.  So Cindy, the bakers and I will be sitting down this winter to figure out how to do the market up right in 2015.

But, for us anyway, the 20th is it.  Hope you can come see Ben and Chris at the market, or Scarlett, Haley and Kylle at the bakery.   Or heck, go both places!  We’d love to see you twice, three times, or more.  Never a problem.

PS – even though we’re done at the market this Saturday, the Regina Farmer’s Market will keep rolling on every Wednesday and Saturday, rain or shine, warm or cold, through till Thanksgiving Saturday.