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Two Dollar Hot Drinks, All Week Long!

As the weather turns cooler and autumn approaches, more and more of you are asking for espressos, lattes, tea or hot chocolate to go with your morning croissants and scones.

Our new front staff are a little nervous about this because they aren’t getting enough practice pulling perfect shots or properly steaming milk.  They’ve been practicing on Teisha and Sandy, and doing a really good job, but after a while the bakers start shaking too much to shape bread properly, so Cindy and I decided to change things up.

This week, September 16 – 20, all hot drinks are a flat $2.00 each, regardless of the size or the contents.  Our hope is that by the end of the week all our staff will be completely comfortable with our hot drink lineup and they won’t quake in fear when you order a medium skim milk latte, or a large decaf americano.

Come put our staff to the test this week!