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Order Your Box O' Love for Valentines!

Our 2014 Box O' Love

Here's our 2014 Box O' Love. This year's is even better!

Once again we will be making our local classic, the Orange Boot Box O’ Love, which is sure to make your sweetie go Wheeeee!

Each hand filled Box O’ Love is packed full of a selection of our favourite Valentines baking.  Enough to make your sweet baboo think you are the Special One.  And if you play your cards right, she might even share some with you!

The Orange Boot Box O’ Love is available two days only,  Friday February 13th and Saturday February 14th, and must be pre-ordered.  Price is $35 per box.

Each Orange Boot Box O' Love will be jammed full of the following treats:

Four sugar cookie hearts

Two black forest cookies

Two hazelnut linzer cookies

Two raspberry rugelach

One shortbread X and O cookie

One classic brownie

Two fruit and nut biscotti

One tiffin bar

One chocolate friand

Now, we know that sometimes Valentines rolls around and you’re just getting started with a new sweetheart.  Maybe you’ve been out once or twice, and things are going OK, but you know.  You’re not sure if he’s the one.  You want to get him something but maybe he’ll think a BOX O’ LOVE is too much, too soon.

Well we’ve got you covered there too!  For only $17, you can pick up an Orange Boot Bag O’ Strong Attraction.  A smaller selection of goodies, in a tastefully decorated bag that sends the medium strength signal “I like you, kinda, if you like me too. Let’s figure it out together.”

Same rules as the Box O’ Love – available Friday and Saturday, pre-order only.   So commit to the bag, even if you aren't ready to commit, if you know what I mean.

The Bag O' Strong Attraction contains the following:

One sugar cookie heart

One black forest cookie

One hazelnut linzer cookie

One raspberry rugelach

One chocolate friand

One shortbread X and O cookie

One fruit and nut biscotti

One tiffin bar

Remember, both the Box O' Love and Bag O' Strong Attraction are pre-order only.  So order now, using the form below!