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Valentines Treats - Available All Week Long!

a valentines cookie assortment

Raspberry Jam Jams, Shortbread Hugs and Kisses, and Sugar Cookie Hearts

Jennifer and Cindy (with the help of Robyn and Catherine when they aren’t in school) have been working incredibly hard getting the lineup pulled together for Valentines week.  It’s a chance for them to really exercise their chocolate muscles so that you have a variety of ways to say “I Love Ya” to your special someone.

We’re bringing back your favourites from last year along with some new items that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.  One new item in particular, the Tiffin, is so good Cindy had to put a big “Do Not Eat” sign on the pan so we controlled our taste testing!

Here's an overview of the entire selection, according to the lovely Cindy:

Valentines Treats 2015 #

Sugar Cookie Hearts:  decorated with either a zigzag of royal icing smattered with heart shaped sprinkles, or zigzags of white and pink royal icing.

Raspberry Jam Jam Cookies: classic brown sugar cookies cut in a heart shape and sandwiched together with seedless raspberry jam.  The top cookie has a small heart cut-out for the jam to peek through and tempt you.

Shortbread X and O Cookies: Share the love with shortbread hugs and kisses.  Light, crispy, buttery shortbread cut in X and O shapes.

Black Forest Cookies: black forest cake flavours in a cookie!  Our black forest cookies are a luscious fudgy chocolate cookie with dried cherries, semisweet and white chocolate chips.

more valentines treats

Black Forest Cookies, Rugelach and Tiffin

Raspberry Rugelach: a cool little cream cheese pastry dough rolled up with raspberry jam, chocolate, currants, almonds, cinnamon and sugar.

Tiffin: this is a dessert that Cindy stumbled across while checking out cookbooks at the delightful McNally Robinson Bookstore in Saskatoon.  Upon further investigation, it turns out that this is a British thing (Scottish according to Wikipedia) made with crushed up cookies, chopped nuts and raisins all mixed together with a chocolate, cocoa, corn syrupy bit of gooeyness, covered in a layer of melted chocolate.  Sounds odd but tastes ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

We debated calling them tar bars because of the oh so addicting gooey stuff holding everything together which looks something like the colour of tar, but decided people need to know the real name of this brilliant confection.  The Orange Boot version has crushed shortbread, almonds and raisins, with a layer of melted milk chocolate on top.  oh yeah!

Classic Brownie Hearts: this is the recipe that Robyn always made for us at home, so we may have been a bit biased when we were taste testing brownie recipes, although the whole crew liked this one best.  Here is our bit of chocolate brownie bliss.

Strawberry Swirl Cake: we LOVE this cake.  It has a dense crumb, kind of bundt or pound cake-ish, but still light and moist, with bursts of flavour from real strawberries and strawberry swirl….hmmmm, we think you just have to eat one to see what we mean!

Cinnamon Cake: a soft, homey cinnamon cake with a streusel-like layer of cinnamon, sugar, espresso and chocolate bits.

our special Strawberry Swirl Cake, only available on Valentines Week.

Strawberry Swirl Cake

The following items are part of the Box O' Love and Bag O' Strong Attraction.  Limited quantities for the display case may be available on Feb. 13 and 14 for a la carte purchases:

Linzer Cookies: Linzer cookies are a delightful, crispy hazelnut cookie.  Our valentine linzers are two heart shaped cookies sandwiched together with raspberry jam.

Chocolate Friand: friand means “small mouthful”, and this is a small mouthful of chocolate heaven! It’s a dense fudgy cross between cake and a brownie, and is dipped in chocolate ganache.  (Ganache is heavy cream heated up, poured over chocolate and gently stirred until the chocolate is melted and smooth.)

Fruit and Nut Biscotti: dried apricots, cranberries, and toasted walnuts are crammed into this delightful biscotti that screams for tea, coffee, or in Cindy’s case, hot chocolate, a warm blanket, a good book and her favourite chair.

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