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Order Your Christmas Baking!

We're fully into December and that means we're now fully into Christmas baking at Orange Boot. It's time to move some cots and pillows into the bakery because I don't think I'll see my bed very much this month!

We've added to our 2012 lineup with new sweets, new bread, and all your favourites from last year

2012 Christmas Cookies

L-R: Ribbon Cookies, Mocha Chocolate Chip, Sugar Stars, Mint Chocolate Pinwheels, Gingerbread Men

Christmas Cookies #

Cindy and Heather have knocked it out of the park this year, with a bevy of Christmas Cookies:

  • Gingerbread Men: Chubby little fellows with their signature wry smile. What's that little guy thinking?
  • Ribbon Cookies: Chocolate, Almond and Cherry layers keeps your tastebuds hopping with every bite!
  • Chocolate Mint Pinwheels: It's time for some wintery minty goodness, and mint is one of only 1.8 billion things that goes great with chocolate!
  • Mocha Chocolate Chip: We take Callebaut chocolate chunks, chop them up and add them to a killer mocha cookie. Coffee might go with chocolate even better than mint!
  • Sugar Stars: You'll want to put these stars at the top of your tree, if only so the kids don't get at them!

Price:  Gingerbread Men are $1; all other Christmas Cookies are 0.95 each or 6 for $5.25

Cranberry Walnut Braids

Our Special Christmas Braided Loaf

Cranberry Walnut Braids #

We shared this family tradition with you last year and it was a huge hit. So we're thrilled to make our Cranberry Walnut Braids for you again this Christmas.

We take a sweet, eggy, buttery bread and cram so many cranberries and walnuts in there that it's almost impossible to braid them. But we braid them anyway! Oh yes we do.

Our Cranberry Walnut Braid is a perfect accompaniment to your Christmas Dinner. It also makes killer toast for Christmas Breakfast or French Toast on Boxing Day.

Or you can be like my sister and get two loaves, put one in the freezer and forget about it till March. What a treat when you remember where you put it.

Price:  $11 per braided loaf


Our traditional stollen

### [![Our Traditional Stollen](images/stollen.jpg "stollen")](

Traditional Stollen #

Teisha has been bugging us to make Stollen for Christmas since before she moved to Regina. It was one of her favourite breads from pastry school and she really, really wants to share this with you.

Our Stollen is the real deal. We've left nothing out and have found the best ingredients we can for this special bread. Raisins and candied peel soaked in rum. A secret blend of spices. Slivered almonds. A special surprise right in the middle. And lots of the best butter we can find. This is one rich loaf.

Stollen is a very sweet, very flavourful loaf. Is it bread, or is it more like cake? Is it for dessert, or for a meal? I'll let you decide for yourself. All I know is that I can't get enough of this bread!

Price:  $16 each

Open Christmas Eve! #

For the first time ever, we will be open on a Monday.  We're open Christmas Even from 9:30AM - 1PM

However, on Christmas Eve we are only open for  pickup of pre-orders.

You Really Need to Order! #

We'll be making our Christmas specials every day in December, but no matter how much we make they always tend to sell out early. That's how hand made baking is -- we can't just run a machine a little longer to keep up with demand.

But you don't have to be disappointed. We're accepting orders for all our baking -- special Christmas baking or your daily loaf -- every day in December. So long as you give us two days notice we'll bake it for you!

Some hints and tips:

  • You can order in person at the bakery, on the phone at 584-BOOT (2668) or via the handy form below.
  • [Update] For online orders, we will follow up with an email to confirm everything.
  • You can order special Christmas baking, daily bread / sweets, or a combination. Your choice!
  • Remember that most all of our baking takes two days or more to make. Long fermentation = better flavour and additive free longer shelf life! So we will need TWO DAYS NOTICE for all orders.
  • Order early! We're eventually going to fill up on Christmas Eve and Saturday the 22nd. So get your order in early to avoid disappointment.
  • Better still, order to pick up early in the month. All our baking freezes very well so you aren't missing out by getting your shopping done early. Who wants to run around Christmas Eve anyway?
  • We're sticking to our daily specials. For example, we still only make Roasted Garlic Sourdough on Tuesday and Saturday.
  • Pay when you pick up. Easy!

Here's the order form. Remember, if you'd rather talk to us, we'd love to talk to you! So you can also order in person at the bakery or call us at 584-BOOT (584-2668)