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Shortbread and Stuffing Mix!

Ok, enough with the snow and cold already! Yesterday Libby walked to work (she's parked her bike for the season) sporting a 24" toque! And we have to peer deep into the hooded parkas of our customers to say hi in the morning. In other news, we are now declaring the front of our ovens the Orange Boot Warmup Zone. Reasonable rates, enquire within. :)

The cold and ice hasn't dampened our Christmas Spirit one bit this week. We are still making Stollen every day. Cindy is still decorating Gingerbread cookies each morning. And we're still listening to Metro's Christmas Album when we braid the Cranberry Walnut loaves. It wouldn't be Christmas without Metro.

We're adding even more to our Christmas baking lineup this week and thought you'd like to hear about it:

Shortbread cookies

Bagged Shortbread Cookies. Available till Christmas!

Christmas Shortbread #

Cindy has always made great shortbread cookies at our house at Christmas time. It is, without a doubt, my all time favourite Christmas cookie. But she grew up with whipped shortbread cookies while I grew up with a cut shortbread cookie. So what to make at Orange Boot Bakery? Both, of course!

Cindy and Heather are actually making THREE types of shortbread cookies this year. Flaky, smooth sliced cookies. Fluffy, melt in your mouth whipped shortbread. And thicker, more substantial shortbread fingers. All together in a lovely gift bag. Only $9.50 for a 12 cookie assortment. They are available now, every day till Christmas.

Holiday Stuffing Mix #

I could write a book about the adventure that was our Orange Boot Stuffing Mix at Thanksgiving. We learned an important lesson, namely, don't tell everyone about a new product until we have a lot made up!

So the crew has been working hard for several weeks now cubing up our delicious Orange Boot  bread and making up bags of hand cut stuffing mix for you. We're keeping it in our freezer till you take it home to your freezer. Thaw it out a couple hours before you make stuffing (we make ours a day or two before Christmas) and you're set!

We've got two varieties for you: Walnut Raisin and Multigrain (no nuts in the Multigrain.) We added some dried herbs to get you started. And we have a new, improved recipe card with more of our favourite stuffing recipes. One bag ($6) is enough to stuff a big bird, or a medium-large bird with some extra on the side.

These sold out in a few minutes at Thanksgiving, so please either stop in early to get yours or call us and order a bag.

Give an Orange Boot Gift Certificate! #

Searching for a gift for someone who has everything? Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? Want to share the news about your favourite bakery? We can help!

Once again we have Orange Boot Bakery gift certificates in a variety of denominations. They can be used for all of our bakery products and you don't have to use them up all at once. And they don't expire.  A $30 gift certificate could keep your special someone in good bread for a month or more!

We also have a special long, skinny, stocking stuffer gift certificate for a free baguette. Fun!

Order Early and Sleep Well #

Our goal this month is for every single person coming into the bakery to go home happy. But it's a real challenge to know what to bake each day, especially during the busy holidays.

We're getting lots of requests for buns for holiday pot lucks, or boxes of cookies for your Christmas lunch. We'll gladly make more buns (you should feel my bun rounding biceps!) if you let us know you're coming. We'll even make you white buns on whole wheat day, if you like. So long as you give us two days notice we'll bake it for you!

You can help us out and have some peace of mind too, if you give us a call and order in advance. That way, whether snow or sleet, or more snow and more sleet, you'll be guaranteed the bread and sweets you need for your holiday celebrations.

To place an order:

  • Order in person at the bakery, on the phone at 584-BOOT (2668) or via the handy form below.
  • You can order special Christmas baking, daily bread / sweets, or a combination. Your choice!
  • Remember that most all of our baking takes two days or more to make. Long fermentation = better flavour and  longer shelf life without added preservatives.  So we will need TWO DAYS NOTICE for all orders.
  • Order early! Order often! We don't mind. :)