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Pearle's in Paradise

Part of the thrill of travelling without an itinerary is that one is often hungry or tired without knowing where the next meal or bed is.

That was the situation today, as we left Lunenburg in the 35C heat and headed overland to Annapolis Royal and then east to Bridgetown.

By the time we got to Bridgetown it was 7:30PM and the whole town was shut down. On Friday night in July, no less. So camping at Valley View wasn't going to work (we had no food.). Quick decision: head northeast toward Wolfville, find food on the way, and a place to stay after that.

10 minutes later, I hear Cindy shout "Pearlesfishburgershotdogsicecream!!" I pulled a hard left into an amazing shack by the side of the road. It's in the middle of nowhere, if you don't count the 30 cars around the lot and the lineup in front.

The burgers were awesome and the fish was huge, if a little "moist". Just what we needed.

Now let's see if we can find a motel...

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