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Peggy's Cove: Beauty, Fog and Mould

We left Halifax, heading south along the South Shore. Beautiful old cottages (houses really) dotted along miles of bays and small islands.

Took the side road to check out the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove. Beautiful! Spent an hour or so climbing on the huge rocks and seeing what we could from the fog. It was very pleasant weather but very foggy on the point.
Last time we were here there was a post office in the lighthouse, but now the post office is closed down. I guess they painted the lighthouse last year and found mould inside, so shut everything down.

I thought mould could be cleaned or treated or something, but I guess not at a government operation? Not sure.

It sure seems mould is more scary to North Americans than Al Qeida these days. "Holmes on Homes" needs to take some of the blame (OMG! MOULD!! Tear it all down!!!). Maybe I should start Moldy Mark's Home Cleaning and make my fortune...

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