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Rise Up! #187 - Hilde and Charlie Muller of Laughing Tree Bakery

Charlie and Hilde, in front of their brick oven

Sometimes you get on Zoom with folks and instantly click. That's what happened when Hilde and Charlie took some time from their prep day to have a chat with me. Their journey in bread and baking is one for the ages.

After working independently as bakers, and after Charlie took off to California to drop in on Alan Scott unannounced, Hilde and Charlie joined forces to build Laughing Tree Bakery in the middle of the woods. It's unclear whether they built a bakery first that they slept in, or a house that they baked in, but these days they have a proper house with a proper bakery beside, and are serving several farmers markets and grocery stores in the area.

This is a remarkable conversation about building a business, a family and a life together all in one. And it's also an exploration into the call to shift, change and possibly grow as bakers and business owners over time.

This episode is an instant classic to my ears. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.