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Rise Up! #186 - Sage Dilts and Nathan Hodges

Nathan Hodges holding wheat stalks beside Sage Dilts, in front of her beautiful bread.  Both on their farm on Lopez Island.

Moving to an island in the Pacific Northwest is not easy. Moving intentionally, with a view of contributing to the community is even more difficult. But Sage Dilts and Nathan Hodges have done just that with their farm and bakery on Lopez Island, Washington.

This is an awesome talk, ranging from when Sage and Nathan met in grad school in the Bay Area, where Sage developed her baking chops, how they found their way to Lopez Island and how the locals embraced their quest to make the best bread from the localist grains. And how Barn Owl Bakery is feeding their village.

Alan Scott and other mentors make recurring appearances in the journey, as a mentor and guide.

As I listened to our conversation again, I was struck by how important it was to Sage and Nathan to give something to their new community, rather than simply move in and enjoying the natural beauty. They're both committed to making the earth a better place and they're doing it through service. I love that.

But don't take my word for it! Listen for yourself below.