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I read an article today where scientists claim that your memories can start changing in three seconds No sh*t, Sherlock. I think it's quicker than that.

I got bent out of shape last week over some chocolate croissants. No more than 15 chocolate croissants. I wanted to help out and shape them and was encouraged not to.

What was heard, according to me, was that I don't shape them well and it would be easier for someone else to do it than show me what my technique lacked. And that I was a simple, fat hairy oaf who smelled bad, talked odd and had literal sausages for fingers.

What was said, according to the speaker, was that I had already done more than expected, was looking tired and hey, why not head on home and we'll go again tomorrow. Can I make you lunch before you go? And by the way, have you lost weight? You're looking pretty good these days.

What was ACTUALLY said? Who knows? The entire conversation could be recorded, we could both listen to it and still hear the two conversations above.

So given that nothing is real, what are we to do?

Give more grace. Lots more grace. To me. To you. To us and them and everyone.

Good, bad or neutral, we heard it wrong. And that's a scientific fact.