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Rise Up! #196 - Book Launch Day for Ed and Natasha Tatton

The podcast is back after a bit of hiatus, with a great talk with Ed and Natasha Tatton. Their new book, BReD: Sourdough loaves, small breads and other plant-based baking is out today in bookstores across the land, and it's a triumph for fine plant-based baking.

Ed's been on the show before, back in 2021 (Episode 128) but a lot has changed for Ed and the bakery in that time. Rebuilding a baking crew after Covid, dealing with soaring costs, getting certified as a B-Corp, and of course, writing this amazing cookbook.

We talk about all of it and pay special attention to two areas: their commitment to plant based baking and cooking and bringing a huge range of flavours to their baking. Natasha's leadership in vegan living and cooking paired with Ed's flair for flavour combinations make for a stellar partnership, whether on the page or at their bakery in Whistler BC.

It's a fun and far ranging conversation, and is a fitting kickoff to the new season of Rise Up.