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Sharing the tastes of home

My friend Claudia reached out to me this morning. We worked together very briefly at Skye Cafe in Regina, shortly after we closed Orange Boot Bakery and we hit it off immediately. Claudia is a skilled chef and really helped me fit in as I fumbled around trying to bake bread in a restaurant kitchen. After I opened the Backyard Bakery, Claudia was a regular customer in the garage and we stayed in touch as she moved jobs, bought a house and started a family.

We both left Regina around the same time. Cindy and I went as far west as we could, to Victoria, and Claudia and her husband moved as far east as possible, to St. John's Newfoundland. Our regular visits turned into the briefest of email exchanges, but it was always nice to know I had a friend in St. John's if I could get out there to visit.

Well, in today's note, Claudia shared a video of her latest project, and it's a hum-dinger. She's opened Mamacita Kitchen, which is part Mexican restaurant and part Latin grocer. It looks absolutely stunning, packed with more exotic foodstuffs than I ever thought possible on "The Rock" and with a huge selection of house-made goodies as well.

I hope to get Claudia on the podcast soon to learn more about what she's building, but for now, here's the video she sent. If it doesn't get you hungry, I don't know what will.

(Don't let the thumbnail of the video put you off; it's a love story for immigrant businesses.)