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Rise Up! #48: Teisha Huff of Night Oven Bakery in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Teisha Huff

This awesome photo of Teisha is via [her Instagram](

I am so pumped about this episode.

The first time I met Teisha Huff was on Twitter after Orange Boot Bakery had been open for three months. I was bemoaning how busy and tired we were and she said something like “hey, if you’re looking for an intern I’ll come!” That started a working relationship and friendship that I still relish.

Not only was Teisha our first intern, she moved to Regina full time after graduation from baking school and became our Head of Bread. These were Orange Boot’s blissful days, where we had a full team and were rocking out the best baked goods in town.

But after a few years together, things got hard for Teisha and she felt she needed to switch careers for a while. Thank goodness that didn’t last too long. These days she’s in Saskatoon, back to baking the good stuff at Night Oven Bakery.

In this episode, we have a great chat and get caught up on all the cool things Teisha’s done in her young life. We also dig into exactly what it’s like to be a young baker, working the early shift when it seems the world around you is on an opposite schedule. And we figure out how to be at peace with that - as much as possible anyway.

You can hear the show via your favourite podcast app, from the show web page or using the player below (which doesn’t show up via email - sorry.)