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Rise Up! #58: Monsieur Gus Reckel of L'imprimerie talks Banking, Baking and opening a bakery in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Gus Reckel

Photo via [YouTube]( Thumbnail photo via [David Lebovitz’s awesome blog](

When I was at WheatStalk last year, I kept seeing this tall, slim baker with a great bushy beard. Even though we weren’t in a class together he kept popping up all over the conference.

Then, when I got home, my Instagram feed kept recommending a bakery in New York called L’Imprimerie, with a logo featuring that same bushy beard. Was this “Monsieur Gus” the same baker? Yup!

His bread looked great and I wanted to meet him, so I reached out to Gus Reckel late last year. What followed was a series of missed appointments that were 100% my fault, including not one but two botched ‘in person’ meetups at his bakery. But I’m thrilled that we finally got together to meet each other and have a truly awesome chat.

In this episode, we talk about how Gus left a successful career as an investment banker to open his own French bakery in Brooklyn. I get to learn about how the connection with his local community is paramount, even as he gets more famous thanks in no small part to a massively popular, award winning video that features Gus and his bakery. And we also talk about his gorgeous, funny and irreverent Instagram page, which is loved by many, but not his mother.

You can hear our conversation via your favourite podcast app, the Rise Up! show page, or the audio player below.