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Rise Up! #59: A ConferenceCast: Recap of A Taste For Grain in Montreal, Quebec

two speakers at the opening of A Taste For Grain 2019

I am back from Montreal and my head is swimming.

Not only did I have an awesome weekend in a beautiful city, eating my way through every boulangerie, brasserie, marche and cafe that I could find, I had the best day ever at A Taste For Grain, the annual grain gathering put on by a great group of bakers and grain heads.

We talked about the local grain economy. We learned about fresh milled flour. We learned about community organization. And we even learned about Nixtamal. All in a laid back, mellow, caring and sharing atmosphere.

And then, we ate some more!

In this Rise Up! episode I talk about all that and more. So listen on and hear all about a special day that should certainly be on your travel calendar in 2020. Enjoy the show!

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