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Rise Up! #60: Jerod Pfeffer of 460 Bread on building a bakery in the mountains and the intensity of competitive bread baking

Jerod Pfeffer

I met Jerod Pfeffer at a Guild event in Texas way back in 2013 and right from the start I thought, wow, this a pretty solid guy. Friendly, soft spoken and really smart.

Someone mentioned he was trying out for Team USA so I paid even more attention to him. Holy, he had baking chops too. His shaping was rock solid, even six years ago.

Jerod and I stayed in touch over the years and I was thrilled when he made the current edition of Team USA in the baguette and specialty bread role.

But I was curious - what’s the draw of competing? What goes into the training and practicing? And most importantly, how do you keep your bakery running when you’re off trying to make the perfect loaf?

So I’m thrilled that Jerod and I got to talk. Like most of us, his journey in baking had some twists and turns, but 460 Bread is rocking it out in the Teton Mountains. And his desire to compete, and to win, is as strong as ever. You’re going to love this one, folks!

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