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Rise Up! #62: Renowned baking instructor Mitch Stamm on being fearless in your baking career.

Mitch Stamm

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Whenever you’re reading a copy of the BBGA’s Bread Lines journal, you are likely to see some mention of Mitch Stamm. A long time board member of the Guild, he seems to be everywhere. At least when he’s not teaching the Baking and Pastry students at Johnson and Wales University, that is.

I’ve met Mitch once before, at WheatStalk 2018. It was only a brief hello in the stairwell, yet for some reason, I’ve wanted to get to know Mitch better ever since.

Well, am I ever glad I did. Mitch has had a wide ranging and extremely interesting career as a cook, baker and teacher and is still going strong. In this fun, meandering conversation, we talk about growing up in Alabama, cooking in Colorado, learning at Zingerman’s in Michigan and teaching in Rhode Island (and further afield too.)

We dig into the Guild’s Baker Certification program, ponder the secrets to success for new Baking School grads and generally have a mellow, relaxed chat. This is one of my all time favourite conversations and I really think you’re going to like it.

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