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Rise Up! #65: Blair Marvin and Andrew Heyn are building a local bread economy like no other.

Blair Marvin and Andrew Heyn

Photo by Francois Thibault and the essential [Bread Magazine](


We wrap up Season 5 of Rise Up! with a real doozy. This week I talk to Blair Marvin and Andrew Heyn. Their contributions to their community and the baking world at large are a true inspiration.

They took over Elmore Mountain Bread some 17 years ago and did such a stellar job that, in Blair’s words, they needed to challenge themselves. So they got into fresh milling flour too. And when they couldn’t find stone mills that met their needs, they built their own.

These days, New American Stone Mills are the state of the art in North America. By pairing the bakery and the mills, Blair and Andrew have two important links in a stellar local food chain that includes everyone from the farmers that grow their grain to the quarry men who cut the massive millstones in Andrew’s mills.

I love these two people. I really do. You’ll not find a more thoughtful, talented, determined and downright nice couple anywhere. I’m so glad I got to talk to Blair and Andrew and I’m doubly thrilled that I can share the conversation with you.

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