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Rise Up #64: The ClarityCast: getting clear on who we are working for, whether at your bakery or staging your house.

Aw jeez, I did it again. I let an entire week go by without shipping a new podcast episode.

I’ve got some really excellent excuses, but the real reason I’m late is I wasn’t keeping up with sending out invitations to be on the show. And then I sent a few and didn’t get a response. Then the fear of rejection took over and I stopped.

One day this will be big enough that I’ll hire a publicist / producer to send invitations but for now I just have to breath deep and keep pushing myself.

So I talk about the fear a little bit on this episode, but then it really gets fun.

Cindy and I are making some big life changes (together, always together) that has thrown my Backyard Bakery for a loop. The quick version is we’re selling the house and moving to the West Coast.

Like everything I seem to do, things are not as easy as I thought, and we’ve already learned a lot about the art of matching your product to your potential buyers / customers. Getting clear on who your customers are and what they are seeking is important, whether you’re selling houses or selling croissants and cookies.

And that’s the basis of this episode. When did you last sit down and really think about what you want to make vs. what your customers want to buy? What is the First Impression you are leaving with people when they come in your place?

When everything is in alignment, owning a bakery of any size is fantastic. But when you and your customers are misaligned, it can be frustrating and costly.

So let’s get some clarity this week!

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