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Rise Up #79: Dawn Woodward, owner of Evelyn's Crackers talks about the long road to Toronto and her local grain mission.

Dawn Woodward

Photo Credit: [Baker’s Journa]( / Ksenija Hotic Photography


When I was in Montreal for A Taste For Grain this year, whenever talk drifted to who was making The Good Stuff in Toronto, Evelyn’s Crackers kept coming up.

Those mentions triggered a memory of an old Baker’s Journal article Cindy showed me back in the day about Evelyn’s Crackers too. It was time for me to learn more and share it with you.

The first thing I learned is to not ask for Evelyn. The bakery is actually owned by Dawn Woodward (Evelyn is her daughter.)

The second thing I learned is they make way more than crackers!

In all, I learned a ton during this talk. About Dawn’s long and winding road to Toronto, keeping her bakery small but profitable, pursuing local grains in her baking and sharing her knowledge through classes and seminars. And how Evelyn has adjusted to her fame over the years.

It’s a great talk that just builds and builds. Enjoy!

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