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Rise Up! #80: Amy Scherber on starting small and building a bakery for the long term

Amy Scherber

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Back in 2012, when Cindy and I finally got up the nerve to leave our bakery for a few days, we got on a plane to Chicago for WheatStalk 2012.

The first seminar Cindy attended was How To Open A Bakery, hosted by Leslie Mackie and Amy Scherber. My first class was a day making sourdough bread with Amy Scherber.

We were both thrilled, having read her excellent book several times prior to opening our place. It was so great to realize that one of your baking heroes still loved getting her hands on the dough.

So as you can imagine, it was a huge treat to have Amy on Rise Up this week. I love the old stories, so we talked all about getting started and opening her Hell’s Kitchen bakery in 1992. But I’m also fascinated by what keeps people going after more than 25 years in business, so we talk about that too.

It’s a great talk and I really think you’re going to like it. Enjoy!

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