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Road Construction Update! Getting to the Bakery on Saturday

We woke up to a big surprise Friday morning.  As the sun came up we saw friendly City workers blocking off all access to Gordon Road from Queen Street, effectively cutting off all access to our parking lot.

This was a huge surprise to us, as we thought we had enough parking lot disruption last year.  But I guess they only paved up to the intersection last year.  This year they are going to pave across the intersection. Argh!

But there’s good news!  You can still reach our parking lot this Saturday! There are three ways to get this done and they are all perfectly legal and perfectly safe:

a) via Queen Street: Turn down the back alley and drive around the mall.  When you get to Gordon Road, double back along the “closed” lane to access the parking lot.

b) Eastbound on Gordon Road: at the Pasqua intersection, cut left into the “closed” lane.  There’s a sign saying “business access only”.  That means us!  Then you can come into the parking lot no problem.

c) Westbound on Gordon Road: go past the bakery and turn right on Pasqua St.  Take the next right into the back alley, follow it till you get to the mall, drive behind the dentist office, then turn left onto Gordon Road in the “closed” lane.

Clear as mud? I hope so.  I worked up a detailed map just in case:

a hand drawn map of how to park while under construction

You can also park behind the bakery on Queen Street, across the street from the bakery on Gordon Road, or anywhere else parking is legal.  We’re hoping for sunshine, so take a stroll!

I think they’ll be done all the paving by the end of day Saturday. I figured they’d be all done by 9 Friday night, but everyone was gone by 3:45.  Ah well.

I hope that if you were planning to visit Saturday you come say hi.  We’re baking our full selection and regular Saturday amounts, even though we’ll likely not have as many guests as normal.  We started lots of the preparations on Thursday (the good stuff takes time) so there was no turning back even when they started chewing up the pavement.