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Get Your Father's Day Basket and Head to the Park!

Robyn and her Grandpa (Mark's Dad)

This is a Father’s Day post, so here’s to you, Dad!

One of our favourite family summertime traditions is to pack up the kids, the cooler, the Frisbees and the football and head out for a Barbeque in Wascana Park.  Candy Cane park was a favourite destination when Ben and Robyn were little; plenty of swings, climbing gear and that groovy Canada Goose slide meant there was lots to do while the charcoal got going.  After the chimney was hot, it was time for me to get serious, grilling up a mountain of burgers, dogs and smokies for my family, our folks, Cindy’s sisters and, if my sister Wanda was down from Prince Albert, her family too.

It’s probably no surprise that I tended to control the grill, just like I control the oven at the bakery. What can I say, I like cooking!

I was thinking of those fine summer days when we designed our annual Father’s Day Special basket, so this year we’re going with a BBQ theme.  A well thought out selection of tasty baked treats to help you have the perfect BBQ.  And with a special bonus that will knock your Father’s Day BBQ out of the park, and the next few BBQ’s too.   We’re calling this Dad’s BBQ Bread Basket and I think you’re going to love it.

Here’s what we have in store for you:

  • First up is our “once a year only” Bacon and Cheddar Sourdough Loaf. We’re heading down to Butcher Boy for some of their best smoked bacon, grating up two types of aged cheddar cheese and adding both to our sublime Saskatchewan Sourdough loaf.  This truly is the Good Stuff – after we cooked up the bacon last Father’s Day we could barely bake anymore we were so hungry!
  • Then we’re adding a selection of our best BBQ Buns. Onion Poppy Seed, Cheese Buns and Sesame Burger buns.  Each are amazing on their own, but together they are guaranteed to cause a few arguments at the buffet line;
  • We’re also adding a six pack of Brioche Slider Buns. These are extra rich, moist, delicate morsels that are at home with burgers but will take your brisket or pulled pork to a whole ‘nuther level;
  • And we also have a bottle of our must have BBQ condiment, the Regina Classic, Jack Keaton’s Original BBQ Sauce!

Hmm.  Really?  I dunno – I don’t think you were suitably impressed by the last bullet point.  Please indulge me for a moment…

I love, Love, LOVE Jack Keaton’s BBQ and Grill up on Rochdale Drive!  LOVE IT!  Gosh, I’m getting excited just thinking about that place.

Brett and Kristi Huber are an incredibly hard working husband and wife team who love good barbeque as much as Cindy and I love good bread. They’ve built this cool, unique family run business in the north end just like we built our little bread shop in the south end.  They’re kindred spirits, in a smoked meat kinda way.

Whenever Cindy and I are at our wits end, completely exhausted, and famished after a mega-bake day, typically around 2:30 in the afternoon,  we make the pilgrimage up the Lewvan for bbq ribs, brisket, southern fried chicken, mac and cheese and corn on the cob.  And while we eat, we debate what meal we’re having at 2:30PM.  Late lunch?  Early supper?  Don’t make no difference to us – we just eat it up.  I’m sure it’s just as good at regular mealtimes too.

And their sauce?  Killer.  Just amazing.  We always have a bottle in our fridge and I love to put it on everything but my breakfast cereal.  Sweet, tangy and with a bit of a kick too.  Delish!

Oh yeah, and the best part is I now have an answer when folks complain that they had to drive “all the way” to Gordon Road for some good bread. I’d drive to Jack Keaton’s in a heartbeat, in rush hour, during construction season, just before a Rider Game, with a big thunderstorm comin’.  Wanna go? OK!  Let’s go!

…oh.  Right.  The rest of the basket.   I’ll tell you about it then we’ll get ribs, OK?

I think that, other than the meat, we’ve got your BBQ supper covered.  But what about dessert, you ask?  Read on, my friend…

  • How about some of our should-be-famous Wookiee Cookies?  These yummy morsels have milk chocolate and regular chocolate chips.  They’re delightfully retro (the recipe is from the 1998 Star Wars Cookbook) but tasty enough to belong in 21st Century.
  • And if that’s not enough chocolate, we’ll add in some Orange Boot Brownies. Ultra yummy, uber chocolaty and just big enough that you’ll wonder if you should cut it in half and share it.  Oh Dad, you just eat the whole thing.  You’re worth it!

So let’s recap, shall we?

Each special Dad’s BBQ Bread Basket will contain:

  • One Bacon Cheddar Sourdough Loaf
  • Six Best BBQ Buns.  Two each: Sesame Burger Buns, Onion Poppy Seed Buns and Cheese Buns
  • a six pack of Brioche Slider Buns
  • Six Wookiee Cookies
  • Two Orange Boot Brownies
  • a bottle of Jack Keaton’s Original BBQ Sauce
  • All lovingly packed by hand in a wrapped gift basket, available for pickup on Saturday afternoon, June 14, 2014.

Dad’s BBQ Bread Baskets are $45 each and will be available for pickup from the bakery between noon and 4PM on Saturday, June 14*.

These baskets are limited edition:  only 40 baskets are available and they will sell out. To guarantee you get one of these delicious gift baskets,  order using the form below or call the bakery at (306) 584-2668.   First ordered, first served and when they are gone, they’re gone.  So don’t delay, order today!**

  • Even though we open at 9:30AM on Saturday, your basket won’t be ready until noon, so the bread has time to cool before we build the baskets.  If you are one of our early morning Weekend Warriors, let us know what other weekend baking you’d like and we’ll set it aside for you when you come in the afternoon.  No need to come twice on Saturday.  No need to miss out on your croissants or feta flatbreads either!

** Orders will be processed in the order they are received.  I will remove the website order form once all 40 baskets are sold out.