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The True Friends Birthday Contest (It's Big!)

[Here's a post that went out to our Bootnik email list earlier today. Not a Bootnik yet? Well then you're missing out! If you enter the contest below, check "send me email updates" and you won't miss a thing.]

Orange Boot Bakery's First Birthday #

As I mentioned in our last email, today is our 1st Birthday!  A year of great bread and yummy baked goods.

Today (Wednesday, January 18)  at the bakery, every customer will receive a special birthday treat to say thanks for the great support you've shown us this year.

We will also be having a larger blow out on Saturday February 4 when we announce the winner of our very special birthday contest (more on that below!)

Old Grain, New Bread #

We are also pleased to announce that we are working on a new loaf of bread for you: Orange Boot Spelt. Spelt is an ancient cousin of wheat that is making a big comeback these days. While it presents a few challenges to farmers, millers and bakers, we think we've developed a tasty loaf which stays true to our 'no additives' philosophy. We get the yummy from organic spelt flour, water, salt and yeast. Nothing else.

We have a few loaves available at the bakery today to sample as Birthday Bread and will be offering the loaf on a regular basis soon (we're still fine tuning the loaf and working out the day(s) to bake it.)

Orange Boot Bakery's "True Friends" Contest #

Some of our best memories are of meals shared with friends and family.  A loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, a bit of cheese and we were set to talk the night away.  Sometimes we'd tell the same stories we'd been sharing for years.  Other times we'd plot out small scale revolution.  Once in a while we'd share our dream of opening a bakery.

Friends and family are core to why we opened Orange Boot Bakery -- Cindy and I get to share our love of bread with new friends in the neighbourhood and you get to share simple but tasty meals with your family and friends. It's an opportunity to make a deeper connection with a child, reconnect with a neighbour, or even rekindle a romance.

So when Cindy and I started planning how to celebrate our first birthday as a proper bakery, we wanted to give something special to our new friends and celebrate YOUR special friends too. Here's what we came up with.

Part 1: Win Free Bread for a Year! #

That's right. One lucky Bootnik will win free bread for an entire year. That's two loaves of organic, hand made artisan bread from Orange Boot Bakery every week from Feb 7, 2012 to Feb 2, 2013. The way we see it, by the end of 2012 the lucky winner will be able to sample the wide variety of bread we offer. They will also have two opportunities per week to have friends over for a nice visit, with something ready to serve as a snack.

Not bad eh? We thought that was being pretty darn friendly. But the more we thought about it, we began to wonder if that was all we could do to celebrate great friends. So we had another idea.

Part 2: Free Bread for your Best Friend! #

Hmmm...this might take it to a whole 'nother level!

Here's what we'll do. When you enter to the Bootnik "True Friends" contest, you get to nominate a friend. Tell us why your friend is special to you and if you win, your friend will win free bread for a year too!

[Update: the contest is closed so I took down the entry form]