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You Want seeds? You Got Seeds!

a selection of bread from Day 3

Day 3 Bounty

What an amazing day at the SFBI Whole Grains course. We combined more soakers, preferments and levains than I can count to come up with five complex loaves. The flavours and textures were as varied as the seeds that went in them.

Here's what we made, from the back:

  • Prairie Bread
  • Crown of the Great Valley (my favorite in taste and name)
  • Two Castle Rye (#2 in both categories)
  • Finnish Rye (the pun of the day, stated only 14 times was "The Finnish Rye is finished!)
  • Sesame Flame: winner of the shape of the week award.

There are some closeup shots in my flickr group.

I'd love to write more but I'm off to school to make five more loaves today.